Tuesday, 21 April 2009

cristiana couceiro





book binding workshop

I really enjoyed the book binding workshop. I found it really exciting, enjoyable and relaxing although sometime it could be frustrating when things go wrong.
Here are some examples of my experimentation with the water bomb base book.

This is a series of water bomb base folds stuck together:

An example of a single hard back water bomb base book.

Friday, 17 April 2009

NCC: neasden control centre

Neasden control centre is the work of Stephen Smith. His work often has a raw, layered collage approach in graphics, installations and film and motion. I really like that his work is very experimental and diverse. Found objects are a massive inspiration he says there 'like little presents of life' , i love how he then brings this found element into his work by pushing the boundaries in printing by layering prints so they become really dense.

He has defiantly inspired me to be more of a mag pie and collect and save objects, photographs and prints which i admire. 

I was chosen to take part in 24 hour workshop with Stephen Smith, we put in pairs and each given a random phrase or word. Ours was 'ring the boss'. Then from this we could create anything from an animation, installation, collage, drawing, or even a sound. We decided to take a collage approach.

Here is our collage:

we wasn't happy with the overall composition of the collage so we took a trip to the photocopier to experiment with the scale and create new interesting sections......... this is what happend.....
The photocopier was a great idea, it gave us some wonderful angular compositions which was totally random and worked really well.

Our wall display at the end of the work shop.

The toilet seat was something extra we had up our sleeve. It was rushed as we did it with some extra time which had at the end as it wasn't our main priorate, before we had to present 'ring the boss'

I really enjoyed this workshop. I enjoyed meeting new people and working along side them. I feel that i have really benefited from the workshop and that it has influenced me to work in different was and to take a more hands on approach.

ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong

encourage people to play more ping pong

I had a few quirky ideas for this project, one of them was being addicted to ping pong and using bizarre imagery to relate, or speed dating ping pong where instead of sitting down talking for a minute or two you would move around the ping pong tables playing a game every two minutes.........you never know you might meet your match? Another one of my ideas was to use humours phrases to advertise ping pong, for example 'you up for abit of back and forth', this would make the viewer think because it could be interpreted in different ways. I then put the phrases with retro imagery which you wouldn't expect to see together. I felt this was a fun humours approach to the brief.

student awareness

a few of my ideas to help keep students safe.....im sure a few male students would look twice at this?

book jackets

....... Finally after allot of development i feel happy with my progress for my book jackets. I love the use of the warm rich colours which i have chosen to represent the romance and jealousy within the stories.






LENNON vs USA .jpg

Martin O'Neil

Martin O'Neil is a UK based illustrator and artist specialising in a collage style, montage. I absolutely love his old school, hands on, scissors and paste approach. I really like his combination of screen washed painterly colour, type and vintage found images. His work influences me to work with collage, silkscreen, photography, paint and photocopies.

I adore his unique style.