Sunday, 6 December 2009


I have chosen to do the D&AD dont panic competition brief. 'Create an image for don''t panic that captures the theme of resistance'. The brief is asking me to capture on paper resistance to the politics of existence.

Politics of existence is awareness of the identity of particular aspects of reality.


I really like this advertising campaign by Tria (colour shouldn't matter). I love that it is not a poster and that it becomes interactive with the viewer.


This is an image i came across for discrimination. It appears cliché, but i think its a simple and effective idea that gets the message across.

I think these advertisements for FARM 'don't eat meat' are really effective, they grabbed, but more importantly held my attention. They are designed by Sandra Scher. I think its the harsh imagery which some people might find hard to bear that really garbed me. I don't like the imagery of the dead animals but I like how they have replaced a dinner plate, and how the cutlery is arranged in a place setting to amplify the consequences of ones choice.

victory poster by Fang Chen.
"The capitalised V represented by the two fingers is a universal symbol for victory and is understood by viewers of all races and cultures". The missing fingers also speak to the reality that human beings often experience suffering in order to achieve triumph.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Helen Murgatroyd

I really like Helens work, I was familiar with some of her pieces from when i met her in my first year at uni. Helen told us about her first final year on Design and Art Direction and showed us some interesting work she had produced.

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These are some maps she had produced which was part of an investigation, recording the human movement. They are screen prints created from original drawings where she traced the movement of someone in the kitchen whilst they prepared food.

She made various maps for different meals, I love how she has presented the posters in the tubes above. They look wonderful and very intriguing .

Helen had a gap year when she finished her third year because she was unsure what she wanted to do, she did apply for an MA at the Royal College of Arts. I was inspired by her decision not to give up. She decided to become a post lady so she could deliver post in the morning whilst earning money and then use the rest of the day to produce work.

I found this comforting to hear as I am sure im not the only one who is not quite sure which road to take when finishing my degree.

After her gap year she re-applied for the MA of printmaking and got a place.

One of the main things I liked about Helen was that she was interested in the in the process of making design rather then the final outcome itself.

Here are some more pieces of her work which I really like.

Hand made powerpoint presentation......based on the topic of hand made design.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Kate Gibb

I have just come across Kate Gibbs work in the book "visual thinking". I have seen her work on albums such as the Chemical brothers, Simian mobile disco and the magic number, but i did not know they was by her. She has also produced book covers for H.G Wells and worked with fasion brands including Levis, Lee and Adidas. She produces lots of one of screen prints to which you can buy through her blog......take a look there fab!!!!


I love her work, i thinks she has a really cool style, I like her compositions and the way she layers colours and imagery. Her work has a very raw cut and paste feel which I love....... great influence.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sublime music design

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Dazzle Ships

I love this record sleeve design for OMD, designed by Peter Saville.
I think the colours work great against each other, I especially like the small amount of the peach coming in, but then is more apparent inside the sleeve. I really like use of the abstract shapes. It has such a retro look........... I love it. I would buy it just for its cover!!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Habitat catalogues

Here are a selection of Habitat catalogues from 1999. I really like the format of the brochures. Each one folds out to A3 size.

Here you can see the brochure folding out ...

I really like how each brochure uses one flat colour plus stock.

Each brochure is detailed with linear images of various furnishings. They just look so intricate and make me want to look at them in more detail. I really like the concept of the brochure, i think as a set they work really well together.

I was looking at these brochures as primary research for part two of the silence brief.


Susan Sontag

I have just read a book on photography by Susan Sontag as part of my research for my essay. I loved her book, she examines a wide range of problems, both aesthetic and moral raised by the presence and authority of the photographed image in the lives of everyone today.

I love the way she describes the result of a photographic enterprise. "To give us the sense that we can hold the whole world in our heads as an anthology of images."

large numbers of people travel out of there environment everyday, for short periods of time. It seems positively unnatural to travel for pleasure without taking a camera. I love travelling everywhere. Everything I see and do feeds my visual intelligence, and inspires me in many ways, so I always have my camera at the ready. With the click of a shutter I feel satisfied that I have captured a memory of that pacific time or place. I love taking and collecting photographs, to me they are having an interest in in things as they are, and converting an experience into an image or a souvenir.

Friday, 30 October 2009

easy as 1,2,3

Here is my contribution to Jo's and helen's cupcake sale to raise for money
our degree show.

Happy halloween kido's
and a big thanx to the girls

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


As i was researching into interesting ways of mapping for my silence project i found some great stuff. take a look.!!!!

Libby Scarlet
Here are some maps from Libby Scarlett.......'Mapping the mundane'

Map of a snack (peeling an orange)
Map of painting a wall
Here she has mapped a week of meals, these are my favourite:

Sam Winston
Here he has looked at the structure of different types of literature, from story books to bus timetables. For example the way we read a timetable is very different from the way we read a short story. He has taken both types of visual navigation and introduced them into each other, which is very clever. He has created a visually arresting and verbally intriguing piece.
Winston’s experiments came from looking at the structures of different types of literature: from storybooks to bus timetables:

Here he has took Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and split up the entire text into three categories: Rage, Passion and Indifference. Then he arranged each of these sub-texts into distinct collages. A great idea, well executed.

Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, installation art, and conceptual artist. Calle's work is distinguished by its use of arbitrary sets of constraints, and evokes the French literary movement of the 1960s known as Oulipo. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy.

One of my favourite pieces of work is, Prenez Soin de Vous (Take Care of Yourself), i think it really represents girl power. she publishes her receipt of a poorly written break-up email from a former boyfriend. she turned a universally painful state of mind into an amazing art project that involved the participation of over 100 professional women.

Monday, 26 October 2009

WANDER: one day project with John Walsh

This one day project with John Walsh was great fun. I didn't know what the project involved, all i new was to bring a camera, my sketchbook and wear warm clothes. We met in the studio at 10am where we was given a map of an area next to the university. We was put in groups of three and told to go and sketch, photograph anything that inspired us. So off we went.
I began to draw as i was walking, not paying attention to detail, but concentrating on the lines and shapes of buildings, signs, and objects such as cars and grids, telecoms and post. We also took rubbings off the different textures on grids and buildings. Some of these came out really well, the marks really enhanced the different shapes which were made visible.

Then we all met up an hour later and John told us to put all of our gathers resources together and pick 30 elements which we liked best. Then we all met up again and he told us to now, individually chose 10 elements from our chosen 30 and produce a visal outcome linking the elements together.

My chosen 10 elements was: texture, pattern, squares, lines, repetition, red, rips, shapes, colour contrast and grids. I really liked the grid element because even though we had taken photographs of grids there was definite layouts of grids coming through in other images like the block of flats for example. So now i had my 10 elements, off i went to be constructive. I began to dismantle the grid layout in my head so i began to cut thin strips of paper to use as the lines and then small squares. I then placed these pieces into a clear paper wallet. shuck the wallet so the pieces would land randomly and by chance and placed it onto the photocopier. Here is what happened......

happy mistake!!
When putting acetate through the colour photocopier this happened?
it isn't on acetate though its just on regular paper. it had got jammed inside the photocopier. It caught my eye straight away. I love where some of the ink is missed, and the random folds in the paper from the jam.
A pretty jammy mistake ha ha ha.