Wednesday, 28 October 2009


As i was researching into interesting ways of mapping for my silence project i found some great stuff. take a look.!!!!

Libby Scarlet
Here are some maps from Libby Scarlett.......'Mapping the mundane'

Map of a snack (peeling an orange)
Map of painting a wall
Here she has mapped a week of meals, these are my favourite:

Sam Winston
Here he has looked at the structure of different types of literature, from story books to bus timetables. For example the way we read a timetable is very different from the way we read a short story. He has taken both types of visual navigation and introduced them into each other, which is very clever. He has created a visually arresting and verbally intriguing piece.
Winston’s experiments came from looking at the structures of different types of literature: from storybooks to bus timetables:

Here he has took Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and split up the entire text into three categories: Rage, Passion and Indifference. Then he arranged each of these sub-texts into distinct collages. A great idea, well executed.

Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, installation art, and conceptual artist. Calle's work is distinguished by its use of arbitrary sets of constraints, and evokes the French literary movement of the 1960s known as Oulipo. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy.

One of my favourite pieces of work is, Prenez Soin de Vous (Take Care of Yourself), i think it really represents girl power. she publishes her receipt of a poorly written break-up email from a former boyfriend. she turned a universally painful state of mind into an amazing art project that involved the participation of over 100 professional women.

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