Monday, 26 October 2009

WANDER: one day project with John Walsh

This one day project with John Walsh was great fun. I didn't know what the project involved, all i new was to bring a camera, my sketchbook and wear warm clothes. We met in the studio at 10am where we was given a map of an area next to the university. We was put in groups of three and told to go and sketch, photograph anything that inspired us. So off we went.
I began to draw as i was walking, not paying attention to detail, but concentrating on the lines and shapes of buildings, signs, and objects such as cars and grids, telecoms and post. We also took rubbings off the different textures on grids and buildings. Some of these came out really well, the marks really enhanced the different shapes which were made visible.

Then we all met up an hour later and John told us to put all of our gathers resources together and pick 30 elements which we liked best. Then we all met up again and he told us to now, individually chose 10 elements from our chosen 30 and produce a visal outcome linking the elements together.

My chosen 10 elements was: texture, pattern, squares, lines, repetition, red, rips, shapes, colour contrast and grids. I really liked the grid element because even though we had taken photographs of grids there was definite layouts of grids coming through in other images like the block of flats for example. So now i had my 10 elements, off i went to be constructive. I began to dismantle the grid layout in my head so i began to cut thin strips of paper to use as the lines and then small squares. I then placed these pieces into a clear paper wallet. shuck the wallet so the pieces would land randomly and by chance and placed it onto the photocopier. Here is what happened......

happy mistake!!
When putting acetate through the colour photocopier this happened?
it isn't on acetate though its just on regular paper. it had got jammed inside the photocopier. It caught my eye straight away. I love where some of the ink is missed, and the random folds in the paper from the jam.
A pretty jammy mistake ha ha ha.

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