Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Dont Panic

My chosen competition brief was the D&AD Don't panic one. The brief was to create an image for Dont Panic that captures the theme of the Resistance.
Resistance is about going against the grain. Going left when everyone is going right. Resistance is radical for the short term, and revolutionary in the long.  The brief asks us to capture on paper the resistance to the politics of existence. The politics of existence is awareness of the identity of particular aspects of reality. We are also asked to consider sub-aspects of resistance - protection and armour (both physical and mental) aspects of survival, hardiness and determination.

I wanted to focus on making people raise there voice and encourage people to make a difference. 

brainstorm of my thoughts:

initial idea's:

I started to think about the way you feel when you make a difference.

  • excited
  • rewarded
  • happy
  • proud
  • confident
  • motivated
  • pleasure
  • satisfaction
  • dignity
  • heart warming
  • memorable
  • independent
  • worthy
  • fulfilling
  • worthwhile
  • enriching
  • beneficial
  • productive
  • positive
  • assured

I then began to think of ways which i could display the words in interesting ways.
I experimented by placing the words on balloons.

I also had the the idea of people carrying a different balloon each with a feeling on in picture of a busy city street.

Here I wrote the feelings on my friends chest:

Then I added the caption....'you can feel like this on the inside too'.

I really like this idea, but it need developing as it looks to much like Stefan Sagmiester poster for AIG, where he asked an assistant to carve details onto his body and photographed the result. I think i run with this idea abit more by maybe experimenting with other parts of the body instead of using the torso, such as the legs or arms.

What is lip service?........to express respect for something event hough it is the opposite of what one wants. To express loyalty or support for something insincerely (if you dont really care about politics, your just paying lip service to the candidate). Also to say that you agree with and support an idea or plan but not do anything to help succeed.


Here are a few designs for this idea:


I really like these two phrases:
'your voive has the power'
'your voice could save lives'

I thought of ways which I could illustrate the phrase 'your voice could save lives', and the idea of using a blood bag popped into my head.

I placed the text ontop of an image of a blood bag and it looked bland so
I experimented at linking the text together on illustrator. I felt abit limited as my illustrator skills are abit poor..... but i gave it a bash and im happy with the results.

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