Monday, 4 January 2010

Johnny Hardstaff

Johnny Hardstaff is a director and designer.  He has directed and designed innovative moving image work across a broad spectrum of both commercial and non-commercial strands of the visual arts. Some of his clients include Sony, Radiohead, Orange, Toshiba, Sony PlayStation and the BBC amongst others. 
On the 6th of October he came to give us a lecture where he showed us some of his work. Below you ban see some of his sketchbooks from 1990-92 ( doodled a monster body of work).

He also showed us some of his motion graphics and commercials. One of my favourite pieces was one of the Orange adverts 'orange paint'. Check it out.....
 I think the advert is very safe and intended. The message of all the paint over flowing is out of the vessels, is saying that Orange give you so much that you cant contain it.
( very much about corporate manipulation )

He told us that Sony hated this piece......but they put it places. "Sony loved it but they just couldn't say it".

I also really liked his Radiohead video 'spinning plates'
I love the complex graphics of the machinery and diagrams. The visuls are impressive and work really well with the track. The siamese twins in the video draw attention....... and almost make you feel uncomfortable.

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