Thursday, 7 January 2010

There's no such thing as silence!!!!

I really like the idea of trying to capture the silence of an empty space. I stumbled across the realisation that there may not be silence, because there is always something going on.  My evaluation from trying to capture the silence of the field, is that I found that nature was creating its own artwork, from natural sources such as rain, wind, dust, dirt e.c.t.

To develop this further I wanted to take it into the city. How could the city create its own artwork? I chose to work with the phrase 'I AM THE CITY', which also works with my comparison to natue, 'I AM NATURE'. I really like these phrases as it tells the reader that its made by the city/nature.

I experimented by making a stencil of the phrase out of sticky adhesive plastic, and placing it on a wall outside.

I stuck the stencil onto the wall using double sided tape so the sticky surface was facing outwards so it would hopefully collect dust, e.c.t.
The results of this wasn't to great. Next time I will aim higher and possibly place it ontop of a high building. 

For my next experiment I again made a stencil of my phrase, but this time from card board. I then placed it Oxford road, as I know its busy.

It was really interesting to watch peoples responses when walking on or over the stencil. Some people didn't even notice it, and just walked over it which was good, and what I was hoping for.

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